Last Updated On: June 16, 2020, 3:17 am
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How Gambling Evolved Online

At present, there are about 800 online casinos all over the world which are developing new online gambling software for people to choose from. Some of the new softwares are gaining popularity for the casino developers as well as avid gamblers. New technologies that are being developed are so appealing to players, and as Start reported casino software are being produced for operators (licensees) by about 67 big companies. On the other hand the operators develop casino websites that are being commonly played by the customers and patronizers.

Most of the more than 800 internet gambling casinos have their similarities as you will experience in playing with several of these sites because these were designed by one of the 67 companies that were developers of these softwares. According to Gambling Online Magazine, quite a number of the 67 internet gambling casino software companies will reveal to us the basis of their next generation development of software platforms are, and the reason for taking such. Here are some details on the list of some online gambling softwares and some informations about them:

Downloading the Game

During the early part of internet casinos, before the year 2000, online gambling are being bownloaded. Playing online will require a player to have all the necessary software installed in his computer. These sopftwares are being secured in two ways; (1) from the website - (also called the file transfer protocol- FTP) or (2) a CD is installed ( such as this included in the magazine). Players find some problems with dpwnloading the FTP as it takes quite a space and time which is the major problem in this type. However many companies such as still operates using this type of software platform. Good side about this software is the speed of play and its securities. This software uses numbers ( small pockets of data) instead of images ( large packet data) in its data exchanged while gaming.

Software Evolution

The latest of the online gambling platform is the Flash. This type of software is independent on software downloads. In Flash it makes you feel you are watching tv, but a bit slower in speed. Hoever, if you do not have a plug-in you won't be able to use Flash. Flash plug-ins can be downloaded from free of charge. Recent browsers such as Netscape will inquire a player if he wants to install Flash. Good thing about Flash is that it has compressed high quality 3D renderings and sound. It creates astable and quick platform, better playability and a more enjoyable experience from players, says Tom Johnson at Grandscale.

In contrary to Flash, Java boasts of its no softwares needed to down load or the use of plug-ins. To get access to online gambling with this software, a player only needs a web browser that is compatible with Java like the Netscape or Internet Explorer.